Tuesday, April 25, 2006,10:44 PM
She's starting to get more comfortable.
She is a super good dog, mostly lying on her bed and chilling.
Today, she's starting to bounce around a little more.
She's really great on her walks and the kids are having fun with her. so far so good!
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,1:49 PM
May we Introduce,..Emma and her Family!!

To think that just weeks ago, Emma and the other members of her pack were having to eat stale bread and horse carcus to stay alive,...
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,1:47 PM
Congratulations Emma!!
Need we say more?

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Monday, April 24, 2006,12:10 PM
Emma Goes Home!
This is Emma, the first night at Lisa's

Pat,(fostermom) says:
"Much to my surprise, I found that I had gotten attached to her and didn't know it.
Now on to another dog in need and another happy ending. "
Lisa says:
"Pat did a GREAT job with Emma and she will get lots of love from Dad- Brad and kids Will, Maddie and Kate!"

So does this mean you are ready for another foster?

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Thursday, April 13, 2006,5:43 AM
Emma in Foster Care

Emma in Foster care
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,5:16 AM
This first part is told by the "Angel", that sent out the cry for Help, for the 60 some Bird Dogs dicovered on a mountain in Arkansas:

Emma came out the first day of "Boat Mountain." She was pretty sick, and had a wound, so they brought her to the vet immediately, where they also spayed her. The vet didn't think she was healthy enough to have the babies, and thought that because she was so weak it may kill her, so they spayed her and aborted her babies, I think 5 or 6.

It was one of the shelter board members that was there the first day... I wasn't on the mountain until the 2nd day...and she's one of the smarter ladies there, so Emma went straight to the vet... and after being at the vet about 6 days, Jan, the board member, took her home to foster her....but Jan's hubby doesn't like her bringing more dogs home, so Emma was outside with the rest of them. Jan does take terrific care of her dogs...except they are outside...but they do have lots of straw...all that stuff, but they couldn't ask for a more loving person...and she really makes sure they are vetted fully.

Also, actually I didn't get Emma until almost a week later. She DID come out from the first day...(Lexie came out the 2nd day,) and I got Emma after the one board member, who was fostering her, couldn't keep Emma in her pen and she'd go into her other dog's pen, which does not like outsiders, so I got her.....but by the time I got her about a week later she was already extremely loveable and wanted constant attention, though timid. She was so cute she'd come up to you, sit, and keep scooting her butt closer to you for attention.

I'm sure Jan spent a lot of time with her that week even though she was outside...plus I would bring her in the house occasionally to give her a break from the 2 labs I was fostering... she didn't much like the male cause all he wanted was "play with me, play with me, play with me.." and it would piss her off. She also had the security of 4 of the other BM dogs in the garage, too, so that made her feel much more comfortable.

The vacuum wouldn't scare her cause I have a Hoover Floormate in the garage I would use a number of times a day to clean up any pee and/or hair... so she heard that constantly. The only stairs they had here was 3 steps going out the doggy door...my land is lower than the garage so there are 3 steps outside....and surprisingly once I got the dog door installed...none of them peed in the garage...but by then I had a 6 by 18 pen, one inside, one outside, to contain them cause that lab was eating everything in my garage...and I'm sure they wanted to keep their area clean... they potty trained themselves...as long as they didn't have the full run of the garage.

I always kept the radio on for them and spent a lot of time in the garage with them....it was sorta just like being in a house... which I'm sure helped her adjust.....but for probably the most part...you were extremely lucky and got an awesome dog!!! And Emma was extremely lucky she went to the vet immediately and was fostered in a home instead of having to spend another month at the shelter.

If you have any further questions, updates, pictures, feel free to email me. Would also like to forward them onto Jan, she really loved Emma...but still want to get her 2 ES that she's keeping as "outside" dogs...even though I know they are treated very well -- and I think she's upset with me for pushing it...don't hear from her much anymore 'cause she doesn't think it's all that bad...but they do get the best vet care and love from her...have dog houses with lots of straw....but I have a real problem with "outside" dogs 24/7, and she doesn't agree....oh,well...I keep trying...maybe she'll change her mind if I keep sending pictures of Emma and the others "inside" in loving homes.
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